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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Lucky Garden Bangsar - Good & Cheap Eats RM 3 Lunch Meal At Bangsar Fish Head Corner

Bangsar Fish Head Corner
Good & Cheap RM3 Lunch Meal
Good & Cheap Eats RM 3 Lunch Meal 
Anuar’s Fish Head Curry (Bangsar Fish Head Corner)

Anuar’s Fish Head Curry (Bangsar Fish Head Corner) ~ This is an impromptu post on one of my finds for cheap and good meals I chanced upon in town today. I heard that this place serving some real cheap lunch food in Bangsar but yet to have to chance to check it out. Well, today I was starving (having miss breakfast for a morning appointment in Bangsar) and remember I must go and search for this hidden gem somewhere in Lucky Garden Bangsar.

 RM 3 Lunch Meal With Deep Fried Ikan Cencaru

Actually, it's not hard to find Bangsar Fish Head Corner which is located at the corner of along Lorong Ara Kiri 2 in Lucky Garden, Bangsar. You will notice a long snaking queue, especially during lunch hours. People from all walks of life, office workers, retired pakciks and makciks, and factory workers will be standing in line either to dine or takeaway for the busy lunch hours. 

RM 9 Only For Cheap & Good Eats 

Mamak-Style Deep-Fried Chicken & Fish

There's this huge pot filled with fish curry together with two large platters of mamak-style deep-fried chicken and fish. Cooking is done on the spot for you to soak in the delicious aroma of freshly fried 'ayam goreng berempah' at the stall.  

I had the most satisfying lunch treat for a whopping RM 3 for a generous portion of heaped fluffy white rice with deep-fried chicken or fish of my choice, boiled bean sprouts (taugeh) and many spoonsful of the rich curry gravy. I overheard a young Malay lady who requested to 'banjir' or 'flood' her plate of rice with the curry gravy! 

Quick Service

Service is quick and efficient, especially during the peak lunch hours. Do note that there is two line to queue for food - one for eat-in and another for the takeaways. I bought two pieces chicken, ribs for myself and breast meat for son while hubby tried their ikan goreng - deep fried ikan cencaru. 

I helped myself to the freshly fried chicken and fish and packed the beansprouts separately in a plastic bag. Well, I paid RM 9 for 3 packs of rice with chicken, fish, bean sprouts and 3 packets of fish curry gravy. 

Satisfying Meal Down To Bones 

Truly a price worthy meal for me today and definitely worth a visit if you are looking for the CHEAPEST MEAL in town!

PS: Pictures All Taken By My Mi Handphone Due To The Impromptu Visit!  

Anuar’s Fish Head Curry 
Bangsar Fish Head Corner
No. 2 Lorong Ara Kiri 2
Lucky Garden
Kuala Lumpur
Open Hours: 11am to 3pm. 
Closed on Sunday

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  1. Damn hungry & looking for cheap eats at Bangsar for lunch just now. Chance upon this RM3 Mamak Food!
    Hard to find mamak food selling for RM 3 with RICE + TAUGEH + AYAM GORENG OR IKAN GORENG in Klang Valley nowadays.
    An unexpected find in Bangsar, a place for expensive bars & restaurants but instead, I found a GOOD & CHEAP EATS for RM3 right here!
    Sharing my RM3 - GOOD CHEAP EATS on this post: